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telia IOT CO-LAB

Speed to market means getting IoT off presentation slides and into the real world. That’s why we developed Telia IoT Co-Lab. We bring together best-of-breed digital, connectivity and commercial specialists to focus purely on your IoT opportunity. We offer structured workshops, design sprints and proof of value exploration to deliver tangible results for a fixed price and deadline.


Telia IoT Co-Lab is a real-life deep-dive into your world – so you’ll need to be at the centre of it. You or your subject matter experts will need to be on hand, working closely with commercial and technical specialists to make sure your solution – is your solution.


  • Concept owner / Sponsor – with the mandate to take decisions
  • Active collaboration – subject matter experts who can focus on this for the duration
  • Access to expertise & customers – validate, validate and validate some more


We tailor your Co-Lab to your specific commercial and technical needs. The scope depends on the service you choose and the exact delivery is shaped by that. 

  • Business model input: customer validation and high level value proposition
  • Software & digital services: prototype of digital service (design & code)
  • Hardware & product design: prototype of physical product (design & components)
  • Connectivity, platform & analytics: connected solution and recommendation for commercial deployment

Choose the Co-Lab that suits you

Start with the models and techniques to gain a deeper understanding of what you really need to do – and how to do it. Discover and test new possibilities and start planning your roadmap.

1/2 day IoT Toolkit Quickstart
An introduction to the tools and packages you need to get started with your own prototype development. 

1 day IoT Kickstart
Gain a deeper understanding of your needs and challenges. Develop relevant ideas and create a roadmap. 

Move from IoT concept to prototype so you can explore and validate your IoT solution before commercial deployment. Along the way  you can define and test your proof-of-concept, commercial and connectivity models and user experience.

1 Week Sprint
A structured prototyping process that delivers ready-to-use IoT prototypes. We start with a validated challenge/opportunity and build a prototype that focuses on connectivity & analytics so you can launch a first pilot.

3 Week Sprintysees
As well as a structured prototyping process, we’ll help you create aea packaged customer experience journey. The result is a comprehensive prototype addressing connectivity, analytics, end-user experience, hardware and business models.

Validate your business case before you scale.
3-6 Week Proof of Value 

Develop and validate your business case with a calculated proof of  business case before you invest in large-scale implementation.

3-6 Week Pilot
Test and validate your prototypes or MVP with real customers. With fast feedback, you can identify opportunities for improvement while validating  business value and preparing to scale.

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