Telia City Vitality Insights let you measure your city's pulse. Which parts of your city are busiest – and when? Where do visitors come from – and go? What impact do large events have on the local economy? With answers to these questions, you can improve the way citizens and visitors experience your city. 

It gives you a powerful tool for measuring the outcomes of development decisions. But even more importantly, it enables you to make data-driven planning decisions. Because decisions worth billions shouldn’t be based on guesswork.

Telia City Vitality Insights measure crowd volumes using anonymised, aggregated mobility data from Telia's mobile network. It delivers insights that cities can use in 2 main ways:

Measure impact

You can't please everybody all the time. But if you have an accurate way to measue the outcomes of what you do, you can at least have an informed discussion. Telia City Vitality Insights let you measure city development initiatives and quantify them in terms of activity level change. 

Make smarter decisions

Traditional methods of collecting city planning data are slow, expensive and innacurate. Telia City Vitality Insights bring city planning into the digital age. We can deliver accurate data about each area of your city – going back 12 months – within 36 hours (the delay is to ensure complete anonymity of data).



By measuring the volume of people in each location, the city's activity can be measured. See which areas have the most activity in the weekends and during the week. See which areas need more public services – or more stimulation.

By comparing activity between locations – or the same location on different days – patterns emerge. These patterns let you make smart decisions based on real facts. 


Tourism is an important income stream. If you understand where your visitors come from, you can measure the return on your tourism marketing investment and know where to focus your efforts. 

You can also understand where people spend their time – and money – when they visit. Not just the obvious places, but the secondary areas they go to eat and stay. And which areas they don't go, and how you can stimulate activity there. 


Event insights


Large sporting events and concerts bring life to a city – and financial benefits too. But they also come with a convenience cost to citizens in terms of their impact on public transport and congestion. Telia City Vitality Insights help you to improve the experience for those who attend the event and minimise disruption those who don't.

By understanding where crowds form before and after events, cities can optimise public transport services. And by understanding the demographics of the crowd, they can provide the services such as toilets and security where they are needed. 


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