M2M in a Box

M2M in a Box - M2M technology easy and affordable for any business.

M2M in a Box

We are now making M2M technology easy and affordable for any business, regardless of operations and size. M2M in a Box gives you a set of hardware with sensors providing you with real time information about position, movement and climate, which you can monitor directly in the web portal. A versatile and user-friendly measurement tool to observe, monitor and protect your business remotely.

New benefits for your company – in a Box

With M2M in a Box you get access to completely new information that help you make your company more efficient – as well as get started with M2M and IoT. For example:

Transports and warehouses with sensitive goods can be monitored remotely via a web portal, where you can monitor temperature and humidity in real time.

Valuable equipment, for example on a construction site, can be “geo-fenced” so that you receive an alarm if it moves outside a specified geographical area

This is how it works

M2M in a Box is truly plug-n-play, just put the hardware with the sensors where they are needed and press the button. Log on to the web portal and choose the rules, events and alarms relevant to you. The web portal can also be used to display reports and statistics, as well as user administration and management. A monthly subscription gives you everything you need and no particular it-skills are necessary.

What’s in the box?

• 25 hardware devices with multiple sensors that provide data on position (GPS), movement (infrared sensor and accelerometer) and climate (temperature and humidity).

• A web portal where you get access to all data generated by the sensors – as well as tools for managing the service.

• Support, around the clock, all year round.

M2M in a Box benefits

Multi-sensor devices, data traffic and access to web portal where you set your own alarm thresholds.

Easy to add additional hardware, back-end integration, etc.

Single point of contact for delivery and customer support (24/7/365).



  M2M-IN-A-BOX Portal

Managed Connectivity

M2M in a Box - Three sensor values for unlimited possibilities


Motion - Protect your valuable assets against theft or monitor the transportation of sensitive cargo.


Position - See where your assets are and where they are headed. Install geo-fence on your most valuable assets and track your delivery vehicles.


Climate - Monitor temperature and humidity in warehouses, transportation vehicles, factories, boats, etc. Safeguard refrigerated deliveries and keep buildings and stock healthy.



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