Remote control of ventilation

Remote control heating and ventilation in a retail outlet.

 ”We were having major problems with high heating bills and poor ventilation at our Midroc Electro store in Valbo. As operations manager, I decided to let Telia Company perform what's known as a Quick Benefit Study, which they carried out in collaboration with their hardware partners Westermo and Beijer Electronics. The results of the study showed that it was possible to significantly improve the situation using automatic remote-control technology.
First, an industrial router from Westermo was installed which meant that we achieved the fastest data transmission possible via the 3G network. A programmable logic controller (PLC) from Beijer Electronics was then connected to the router allowing us to remote-control the heating and ventilation with maximum reliability. By using Multicom Security's Mobiflex system to log in all data was protected at the maximum security level we demand.

Even though we knew nothing about M2M before, we now benefit from a uniquely customized solution that is perfect for us. We've also received not only excellent training from Telia Company's business consultants but also constant support. I warmly recommend Telia Company to other businesses who are currently experiencing similar problems: for us they are now a thing of the past.” - Adam Adamsson, operations manager at Midroc Electro

How our solution works

The solution consists of Multicom Mobiflex and an industrial 3G router from Westermo, which provides the fastest available transmission technology via Telia Company’s 3G network. One advantage is that it can be installed in very demanding environments where reliability is of the utmost importance. A programmable logic controller (PLC) is then installed which can thereafter be controlled remotely. The PLC is administered via an operator panel from Beijer Electronics Automation, which makes it possible to adjust the heating and ventilation system via the data network. Finally, Multicom Security ensures that only authorized traffic can log in and access data by using fixed IP addresses.

Benefits of the solution

- PLC - programmable logic controller
- Router with 3G connection
- Automatic control of ventilation and heating system

Remote control of ventilation

Remote control heating and ventilation
in a retail outlet


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