Remote meter reading

Massive roll-out of remote electricity meter reading.

In 2002, a Swedish central government decision was taken which meant that all electricity customers were now to be invoiced for the electricity they actually used rather than receiving an invoice based on estimated consumption. This form of invoicing was to be introduced no later than 30 June 2009. Under the old system, the customer charge was adjusted once a year depending on how much electricity they had actually used. This adjustment was based on an annual reading of their electricity meter.

To meet these new requirements, electricity meter producers and system suppliers started to develop total concepts for the electricity companies in 2005-2006. There was little time to replace all the meters prior to the regulation entering into force, not least because all meters across Sweden had to be replaced with new meters with integrated M2M technology. An installation- and maintenance partner who could manage the entire chain and had national coverage had to be found.

How the Relacom solution works

Installation work began in 2006 and continued until 30 June 2009. At one point, Relacom’s specialist technicians were installing as many as 1000 meters a day. With a combination of unique PDA tools for order management and reporting and optimized route planning, each technician was able to carry out 12-15 installations a day. Relacom covered the entire country and took responsibility for planning the roll-out, contacting the end-customer, booking times to replace meters, installing and bringing the new meters online and after installation, continuing to offer regular maintenance. When installing the meters, the technician checked the communication between the meter and the data collection system platforms. The communication solutions comprised PLC, radio, and GPRS technology.

Remote meter reading

Massive roll-out of remote
electricity meter reading


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