Medical emergency phones

Security via the mobile network using GSM/GPS.

Mobility in the care of older people is here to stay and is increasing rapidly We realized this at an early stage, which is why our solutions guarantee constant, preferably real-time communication via the mobile network between the patient and their carers, irrespective of infrastructure and type of housing. New legislation is being drafted to give users more choice and generate open competition between healthcare contractors in home-care, alarm management and social care housing.


In our wide product portfolio, we now offer emergency medical telephones with GSM function - Careline GSM. The unit communicates via GSM/analogue/GPS depending on the infrastructure. The alarm can be received by all known alarm centers over in or out-bound signaling over GSM. Our own communication server and our apps installed on a normal mobile phone enable safe, rapid and economical alarm reception over the mobile data network.

The increasing pace at which the analogue network is being decommissioned is making it difficult for our customers to fulfill their commitments, i.e. to provide emergency medical telephones to the municipality’s disadvantaged old people. Public IP telephony is not sufficiently secure as the quality in the networks cannot be guaranteed and there is often no back-up power supply in older people’s homes. There is however a tried-and-tested option that offers secure communication for years to come - mobile broadband.

Medical Emergency Phones

Security via the mobile network using GSM/GPS.


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