Fleet Management in transport and logistics

More efficient transport and logistics for the animal feed haulage business.

Lantmännen, one of the Nordic region’s biggest food, energy and agricultural products groups, needed to be able to not only keep track of their vehicles, but also have contact with their in-vehicle computer and driver support systems in real time. The system solution had to be directly linked to Lantmännen’s business administration system in order to optimize the entire logistics chain for animal feed products.

Lantmännen’s solution was to install the Telia M2M Control system, which is based on the FältCom MIIPS® communication platform, in each of its bulk-haulage vehicles. The platform communicates with the Lantmännen business administration system and the transport and logistics department receives real-time information on where each vehicle is at any given time. Via an in-vehicle computer screen, the driver not only receives driving instructions and navigation support but can also book loading/off-loading times and confirm deliveries as soon as they happen.

This has enabled Lantmännen to rationalize the entire product chain, including production management, the factory, haulage management, the vehicles, customers and finance department. By optimizing vehicle use and route planning and by training drivers in eco-driving techniques, Lantmännen has also managed to reduce fuel consumption and PCO2 emissions considerably.
The project has received substantial media attention and was named Sustainable IT Project of the Year 2008 by the Swedish IT magazine CIO Sweden. Read more about the CIO Awards. - Tomas Ruuth, Project Manager and Product Flow Manager at Lantmännen Cereals Division.

How our solution works

FältCom MIIPS® Committee is a robust and open IT platform to which supplementary services can be connected from any service supplier. The terminal has several different interfaces (Ethernet, serial, CAN, inputs, outputs, I/O) providing a whole range of connection options. A powerful Device Management system facilitates efficient remote control of the equipment. Via a web-portal, it is easy to generate reports for each journey, monitor the operational status of the equipment and control or upgrade individual terminals. The platform is certified for tough environments and supports 2G, 3G and 4G.
Examples of supplementary services from FältCom include Eco-driving, ISA speed control, real-time location data, sensor monitoring, and digital driving logs.

The benefits of the solution

  • Real-time information

  • Resource optimization

  • Direct link to the business administration system

  • Eco-driving

Fleet Management in transport and logistics

More efficient transport and logistics
for the animal feed haulage business


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Fleet Management in transport and logistics
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