Monitoring of machines and equipment

Streamlining usage of forestry machines.

John Deere wanted to improve how operators worked with machinery in order to streamline usage of its forestry machines. The ergonomics needed to be given a higher profile and monitoring of the machines made it easier to use them optimally for long periods in the forest. Central maintenance personnel also needed to have better control over field units to schedule maintenance and fuel deliveries.

Cybercom developed an M2M solution for John Deere Forestry as part of a wider fleet management system that included optimization, surveillance and control of large forestry machines.

About the solution

The M2M system provides information to the field operator as well as to the operations manager for off-site follow-up. The system streamlines production and gathers data for proactive maintenance. The system is also used for training and follow-up of new and inexperienced operators. 
Simple follow-up and reporting, as well as monitoring of machinery performance, is also done through the system. Improved proactive machine maintenance including monitoring of wear-and-tear on critical components, to streamline service scheduling. The system also enhances faster, more precise troubleshooting.

Monitoring of machines and equipment

Streamlining usage of forestry machines

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Monitoring of machines and equipment
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