Online interactive playgrounds

A playground prepared for integration with mobile phones and Internet.

Kompan needed a flexible, low energy control system that could be easily installed worldwide. “Our goal was to create a product that talks to young people on their own terms. In this case, interactivity plays an enormous role. Just look at the growth in computer games, social media and other digital "playrooms" for children and adolescents. Through the use of new technologies, our ambition has been to create a playground: a modern meeting place for young people to hang out in. Somewhere where they can also take part in physical activity as well as developing their social interaction.” - Niels Julskjær, innovation manager at Kompan.

This is how it works

The technology platform of the playground has been prepared for integration with both mobile phones and the Internet. It has been developed in collaboration with Prevas, who contributed knowledge, gave valuable advice, and handled the practical implementation of the electronics used in the new products. 
Prevas M2M-modules HM20, HM22, and their Linux platform have been used to rapidly make a prototype. The platform is enabled for full access via 3G/GPRS and SMS services. SMS functionality makes it easy to deliver Kompan's playgrounds (and playgrounds for demo purposes) during the sales process. Together with Prevas, Kompan has found the formula for the playground of tomorrow. They call it Icon. 
Playgrounds are now in place in several locations worldwide and can be serviced via mobile internet. Access to the playgrounds over the Internet allows fast support to Kompan's customers and new applications can be installed without service personnel on-site. In addition, you can now follow Icon on Twitter.

The benefits of the solution

  • Physically stimulating in a fun way – Playgrounds with interaction.

  • Remote control – Monitoring and controlling via internet.

  • New applications added remotely – No on-site service required.

Online interactive playgrounds

A playground prepared for integration with
mobile phones and Internet


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