Training of emergency vehicle drivers

Better driving skills for professional emergency vehicle drivers.

“The Center for Emergency and Disaster Medicine at Västerbotten County Council are running a project as part of the EU Nordic Safety and Security (NSS) initiative. The aim of the project is to find new tools and methods to supplement the training of their emergency vehicle drivers. FältCom has been commissioned by and has worked closely with the Centre for Emergency and Disaster Medicine to develop DART (Driver Access Recording Tool), which is an IT-based analysis tool enabling professional drivers to evaluate and reflect on their behavior and improve their driving skills.

The solution is based on FältCom’s MIIPS ® Committo system, which is installed as an in-vehicle IT infrastructure for real-time location and communication purposes. DART is an IT-based analysis tool that, with the help of a number of sensors in the vehicle, measures, records and logs what happens in the driver’s cab on call-outs. The information can then be played back at a later date and be analysed by drivers and their supervisors.

The use of FältCom MIIPS® technology provides a very reliable solution to which other services can easily be added in the future. FältCom DART is a brand new tool for both monitoring and training not just ambulance-drivers, police officers and firefighters but also other professional driver groups. The aim is to improve traffic safety and reduce the number of road accidents.” - Pontus Albertsson, Medical Researcher Dr., Center for Emergency and Disaster Medicine, Norrland University Hospital

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How our solution works

FältCom MIIPS® Committee is a robust and open IT platform to which supplementary services can be connected from any service supplier. The terminal has several different interfaces (Ethernet, serial, CAN, inputs, outputs, I/O) providing a whole range of connection options. DART is also connected to the Swedish National Road Database so that the system can be wirelessly updated with up-to-date speed restrictions. A camera films the route and the vehicle’s position and speed, and the driver is identified via radio frequency identification (RFID).
A powerful Device Management system facilitates efficient remote control of the equipment. Via a web-portal, it is easy to generate reports for each journey, monitor the operational status of the equipment and control or upgrade individual terminals. The platform is certified for tough environments and supports 2G, 3G and 4G.

The benefits of the solution

  • Effective training tool

  • Ultra-reliable communication platform

Training of emergency vehicle drivers

Better driving skills for professional
emergency vehicle drivers


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Training of emergency vehicle drivers