Digital signage as in-store media channel

ICA's in-store media channel increases sales of exposed goods with 150%.

ICA is developing a unique in-store media channel in partnership with Visualart

The ICA Group is one of northern Europe’s leading retail companies with around 2 150 owned and franchised supermarkets in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Just like every other supermarket chain, ICA has traditionally worked mainly with analogue signs to market its goods, inform about prices, provide customer inspiration and give tips, i.e. conventional in-store communication.
Visual Art is ICA’s media content partner and in partnership with the supermarket giant creates the appropriate digital communication for its in-store media channel - ICA In-Store TV.

Why digital signage?

As early as 2007, ICA defined five objectives it wished to achieve with the introduction of digital signage, or as ICA terms it, its in-store media channel. These were:

  1. To boost in-store sales

  2. To create a more modern supermarket

  3. To improve the impact of its own campaigns

  4. To create better “close to purchase” communication for the entire range of goods on offer at individual ICA supermarkets through supplier cooperation and commercialization

  5. To provide dedicated information to supermarket staff (as an Intranet)

“We started cooperating with Visual Art in 2008 with the overarching aim to create an in-store media channel with around 55 percent editorial content and about 45 percent commercials. Just over three years ago, we had met all the goals we had set and introduced digital screens in 110 stores across Sweden. The next phase is to introduce in-store media channels in another 150-200 stores." - Fredrik Holmvik, Head of ICA Media.

150 percent increase in exposed goods

“When we expose cut-price goods on the screens, our sales of them go up by around 150 percent. Obviously, we saw sales rise even with analogue signage, but there is a staggering difference in dynamics, cost efficiency and cross-channel integration with a digital in-store media channel."

Why did you choose Visual Art?

“We asked for a pitch from four production companies. We felt that Visual Art had a better understanding of the media than the others and displayed the best creative talent in its pitch, presenting the sharpest content seen from a commercial perspective. Quite simply, Visual Art is, in my opinion, a top-drawer digital communication company,” says ICA’s Fredrik Holmvik.

How our solution works

Visual Art produces the content and schedules ICA’s in-store media channels at its Kvantum hypermarkets, Cura supermarkets and ToGo express stores, a total of 2 000 screens. At the Kvantum hypermarkets, customers see five screens as they walk around the store. The content is a mixture of campaigns, brand-building messages and commercials. The five channels are:

  1. Store Entrance - Welcome and Best Offers

  2. Fruit & Vegetables - Locally Produced and Season’s Vegetable

  3. Deli - Recipes, Locally Produced, Inspiring

  4. Aisle - Best Offers and Campaigns

  5. Cashiers - Impulse Products, Brand Building

Digital signage as in-store

ICA's in-store media channel increases sales of exposed goods with 150%.


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