Flexible M2M-modules and platforms

M2M-platforms that are easily adaptable to a variety of needs.

Nowadays M2M-solutions are all too often custom-made for each individual application. Many of the M2M-gateways and solutions currently in existence are quite adequate for prototyping and concept testing but are far too bulky for real implementation and mass roll-out.

As a result there was a gap in the market for flexible platform thinking which could be used all the way from prototyping to multiple production. As a solution to this problem, Prevas has now launched a series of M2M-platforms that are easily adaptable to a variety of needs. The great advantage here is the ability to use the same platform all the way from the early stages of the development all the way to the final implementation.

This is how it works

From feasibility study to fully developed M2M solutions. Complete M2M modules and platforms
Our comprehensive service covers everything: starting from an early feasibility study all the way through to a fully developed M2M solution. Our consultants can either be based at your workplace or act as an external development department. We also have a special proprietary M2M platform for more rapid product development, however we always work with the solution that is most appropriate for your needs. We can offer the expertise to develop intelligence and communications for most industries. Prevas has the knowledge and experience needed for your products to communicate. We design hardware, software, and mechanics enabling your new or existing products to be integrated into larger systems. We can also construct a customized communication protocol based on your needs for price, bandwidth, security, stability, power and scalability.
We are also able to provide gateways between the machine and Ethernet, wireless sensors, remote monitoring and diagnostics, autonomous units, machine-to-machine, remote sensors to the Internet server, and distributed processing.
Ethernet GPRS module – allows access to the world with our wireless WebNet module.

The benefits of the solution

  • Versatile – Same user-friendly hardware all the way from prototyping to mass production.

  • Simple to use – Ready-made development kits for both Linux and WinCE.

  • MultiLink interfaces – Ability to connect over different links – wireless or wired.


Flexible M2M-modules and platforms

M2M-platforms that are easily adaptable to a variety of needs.


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