Operational flexibility with digital signage

IKEA increases its operational flexibility with digital signage.

IKEA faced the challenge of getting its shoppers to also visit the restaurant. The company referred to this as its “conversion rate” In addition, the furniture giant also wanted to improve its sales management and reduce handling costs. In partnership with Visual Art, IKEA started a project aimed at preparing the ground for meeting these challenges and achieving its sales targets with the help of effective digital communication.

Chris Ahlgren, chief project manager at IKEA, explains how it all started and what he hoped the company would achieve.

“We wanted to increase the number of visits made by our store customers to our restaurant. We had previously worked with traditional analogue signage, advertising our daily menu, various special offers and other relevant information. The problem is that fixed analogue signs don’t allow us to be as flexible as we want and need to be. For example, we may want to sell off all our shrimp sandwiches one muggy Friday evening in August because they won’t keep over the weekend. Using digital signs, we can let shoppers know that in next to no time all over the store.
IKEA also has different special offers at different times, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Digital signs give us far more flexibility and enable us to schedule and customize our offers throughout the day.

How impressed are you with the results?

“Quite clearly, our sales of products that we have exposed on the digital screens, in this case food and drink in our restaurants, have risen dramatically. When the project started, we set up sales targets and the outcome has met and indeed exceeded our expectations.”

Why did you choose Visual Art?

“IKEA’s aim was to implement a communication platform, not to purchase screens. We were looking for a solution that was flexible and easy to manage, and we wanted modern, relevant and high-quality content. As a production company, Visual Art understood exactly what we were after and everything felt right from the beginning. Then, when we had negotiated the price and all the other details, the decision was easy. As the supplier, Visual Art has delivered that little extra and we can warmly recommend them to any operator looking to initiate a similar project to ours,”. - Chris Ahlgren, Chief Project Manager at IKEA

How Visual Art’s solution works

Visual Art has delivered a solution to IKEA’s global concept store in Delft in The Netherlands, that allows the furniture giant to manage everything centrally but at the same time provides local flexibility. Installation consists of 25 screens running five channels at four different times of the day (known as “day-parts”), in order to optimize and commercialize the communication. The five channels are:

  1. Store Entrance - Inviting customers to the restaurant and showing daily offers

  2. Showroom - Showing restaurant offers and mood films

  3. Restaurant Entrance - Welcoming and showing full menu overview

  4. Serving Line - Templates, live updates, rotating products and 4 day-parts (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Peak day)

  5. Lobby - Promoting Swedish Food Market and IKEA’s values.


Operational flexibility with digital signage

IKEA increases its operational flexibility with digital signage. 


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