Home-care personnel online

Palmtop computers for home-care personnel in Stockholm

Mobility is one of the buzzwords of our age. This is now a reality for the home-care personnel in Stockholm who have started to use palmtop computers. Thanks to these, they can constantly access up-to-date information on their patients and the measures that need to be taken.


The Stockholm project is called Para-Go (Paragå) and comprises three tools: a digital pen, the customer’s telephone and an online palmtop computer. Up-to-date information about the patient is easily available to the health-care personnel as are details of what measures need to be taken on arrival at their home. The mobile tools also enable all relevant information to be immediately reported, including details about time of arrival, number of staff involved, measures taken, any medical journal notes and time of departure.

The City of Stockholm is introducing mobile IT support on a wide scale. The mobile tools were introduced in their home-care services during the autumn of 2010. Expectations are very high. A higher quality of care is hoped for as a result of better follow-up of the measures that have been taken and the patients’ actual care needs. More efficient delivery of care within the organization is expected along with decreased sickness absence among home-care personnel.

Home-care personnel online

Up-to-date information on patients and the measures that need to be taken.

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