Greener waste management

Efficient and accurate registration of vehicle movement and delivery of data.

“Here at the Renova waste management and recycling company, we needed a reliable solution that would guarantee efficient and accurate registration of vehicle movement and delivery of measurement data. Previous solutions had not lived up to expectations and our waste trucks were often out of service due to technical problems. When it was time to procure a new solution, reliable communication was therefore a key requirement. Renova has long had a distinct environmental profile and was now also looking to introduce driver support for eco-driving and ISA speed adaption in its vehicles.

The company’s preferred solution was based on FältCom’s MIIPS ® Committo system, which is installed as an in-vehicle IT infrastructure for real-time location and communication purposes. The use of FältCom MIIPS® technology provides a very reliable solution to which other services can easily be added in the future. Data from the National Road Database and other systems can be transferred directly to Renova’s business system. Driver support enabling eco-driving and ISA speed adaption improve traffic safety and reduce both fuel costs and environmental impact. They also help to meet ever-tougher environmental, traffic safety and work environment requirements laid down in public procurement projects.” - Joakim Gustafsson, Waste Collection and Logistics Division, Renova AB

How our solution works

FältCom MIIPS® Committe is a robust and open IT platform to which supplementary services can be connected from any service supplier. The terminal has several different interfaces (Ethernet, serial, CAN, inputs, outputs, I/O) providing a whole range of connection options. A powerful Device Management system facilitates efficient remote control of the equipment. Via a web-portal, it is easy to generate reports for each journey, monitor the operational status of the equipment and control or upgrade individual terminals. The platform is certified for tough environments and supports 2G, 3G and 4G.
Examples of supplementary services from FältCom include eco-driving, ISA speed control, real-time location, sensor monitoring, digital driving logs.

The benefits of the solution

  • Ultra-reliable communication platform

  • Can be directly connected to the business administration system

  • Eco-driving

  • ISA

Greener waste management

Efficient and accurate registration
of vehicle movement and delivery of data


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