More efficient field service

Rationalization of installation and maintenance field services.

“Relacom is a leading supplier of installation and maintenance services for fixed and mobile communication networks and operates in no fewer than 17 different countries. We needed to rationalize our field services in order to strengthen our position on the market. Knowing where our vehicles were (location data), reliable data communication and driver support were just a few of our requirements we had highlighted prior to our evaluation of the various solutions on offer.

In the end we chose the FältCom MIIPS® communication platform to provide the infrastructure in our service vehicles and then added various services such as an automatic driving log, mobile work orders, closest resource, etc. The solution was integrated directly into Relacom’s business system.

The result was a very reliable solution that saved us money in terms of better work planning and use of resources, along with improved driver support and monitoring. Thanks to the communication platform’s design and remote control functionality, new functions such as eco-driving (vehicle economy) and ISA (Intelligent Speed Adaption) can easily be added when the need arises.” - Tomas Ahlström, Global IT, Relacom AB

How our solution works

FältCom MIIPS® Committe is a robust and open IT platform to which supplementary services can be connected from any service supplier. The terminal has several different interfaces (Ethernet, serial, CAN, inputs, outputs, I/O) providing a whole range of connection options. A powerful Device Management system facilitates efficient remote control of the equipment. Via a web-portal, it is easy to generate reports for each journey, monitor the operational status of the equipment and control or upgrade individual terminals. The platform is certified for tough environments and supports 2G, 3G and 4G.
Examples of supplementary services from FältCom include Eco-driving, ISA speed control, real-time location, sensor monitoring and digital driving logs.

The benefits of the solution

  • Driver support

  • Real-time location data

  • Direct link to the business administration system

  • Ultra-reliable communication platform

More efficient field service

Rationalization of installation and
maintenance field services


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