Transport optimization

PreCom Transport Edition - Real-time information on transport and logistic flows.

Keep tabs on your vehicle fleet and increase customer satisfaction with PreCom Transport Edition

Companies and organizations with their own vehicle fleets - haulers, LBC, trailer hire, taxis, couriers, vehicle-dependent service companies, etc.- can all save a great deal of money by going mobile.


The driver receives real-time information about planned journeys, deviations, messages, and interacts effectively with colleagues back at the office. New drivers can quickly find their feet thanks to voice-activated and visual guidance to the correct destination. It is also easy to fill out consignment notes and time reports directly on the mobile handset. When the goods have been delivered, the receiver can sign directly on the screen, which speeds up invoicing. Using the vehicle economy tool, the driver and office staff can monitor driving behavior and the company can make fuel savings of up to 20 percent.

Benefit for the driver

  • Real-time information on work orders, driving assignments and deviations

  • Real-time information on driving behavior to reduce fuel consumption

  • Less administration - digital management of time reports, consignment notes, etc.

  • Navigation

Benefit for traffic controllers, purchasers and management

  • Total control and comprehensive information on the driver and vehicle

  • Efficient planning and distribution of driving orders

  • Deviations taken care of without delay

  • Positioning of drivers and vehicles

  • Economical and green use of all vehicles

  • Ability to offer better service to your customers

  • Real-time invoicing, follow-up and statistics

  • Fuel savings

Transport optimization

Real-time information on transport and logistic flows.


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