Public Transport

It's all about the ride

Public transport can transform cities – but only if people choose it. It needs to be more than an economical option; it needs to be the most efficient and  enjoyable ride. That’s why we started from the commuter experience and worked outwards to build an end-to-end connected public transport experience. It’s already redefining what public transport means for commuters, transport operators and cities.

Our offering for Public Transport:

Telia Smart Public Transport

For Commuters

Onboard WiFi is a no-brainer. It turns dead time into time to pay the bills, write a symphony or crush an alien rebellion.

Knowing where the bus or train is gives commuters control. It means not arriving minutes early for a ride that’s minutes late. It means looking at your phone and knowing whether to run for the bus or take another cup of coffee.

And when your city is smart enough to let the bus go first, it’s a great feeling sitting on board, passing queues of cars, and knowing you’ll get to work on time.

For Operators

Start with your drivers – they're your greatest asset. Give them real-time feedback on driver performance and they'll help you drive your fuel costs down. Automate ticketing and payment so they can focus on giving your passengers a safe and comfortable ride. And with crowd analytics, you can understand exactly what your customers want – and what they’re getting.

Our open platform lets you connect all aspects of your vehicle: tachographs, alco-locks, camera monitoring, preventative maintenance alerts. And that's just the start. We're adding functionality all the time and so can you – from any vendor you like.

For Cities

Every bus or train carriage takes cars off the roads. And that’s a breath of fresh air for everyone. Break the gridlock and turn grey space into green space.

It's not just about vehicles, it's the systems they're part of. Smart traffic lights and connected bus stops. Everything needs to talk to everything.

Smart cities are built on digital infrastructure. And that infrastructure needs the flexibility to embrace new technologies and the scalability to connect the future. We can give you both.

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Our Smart Public Transport Services

With Telia Smart Public Transport you can integrate the functionality you want through various applications. Because of the platform’s open api’s you can confidentially scale up your investment and integrate more features over time.

Use cases:

Nobina | Making the bus the smarter choice

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