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Optimise your operations and drive smarter

If it moves, track it. If you can drive it, drive it better. If you use a lot of it, use less of it. Sounds simple, but this is IoT in a nutshell. Gain new levels of visibility, control and insight into what's really happening in your world. From fleet management to asset tracking and everything in between.

Our offering to transport & logistic industry

Telia Connected Vehicle

An open IoT platform and scalable solution

With Telia Connected Vehicle - our IoT solutions for transport and logistics -  you can consolidate all IT systems onboard to one open IoT platform. You can also monitor and control your onboard soutions remotely. In our vehicle ecosystem there are solutions created by us, our partners and customers. Thanks to the platform’s openness, new solutions can easily be created and integrated.  We offer a scalable solution that can grow as your needs grow.

Consolidate onboard systems and simplify driving

Save time and costs integrating all vehicle IT-systems to one platform with one screen onboard. In our vehicle ecosystem we offer everything from positioning, tachograph data management, eco-driving, driver ID to message push. We offer a scalable solution – start with one feature and expand to your needs.

Reduce fuel consumption, cost and environmental impact

With our eco-driving solution your drivers will be able to improve their way of driving with real-time feedback to reduce fuel consumption, increase vehicle lifespan - and reduce Co2 emissions!

Save up to 15% of your vehicles fuel consumption, be able to compare by vechicle and driver for an optimized, safe and sustainable drive!


Monitor your vehicle's health to prevent disruption and downtime

Keep track of the status of all your individual vehicles, as well as reciving a good overview of the total wear and tear of your entire fleet. Our connected vehicle helath solution helps you predict and fix errors before they actually occur and increase the utilization of your vehicles through better maintenance planning and reduce unnecessary and unplanned maintenance.


Customer case:

Customer case:


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